El Pescao – La Luna va y viene

Watergun was commissioned to produce the music video for the single "La Luna va y viene" by the Spanish pop band El Pescao, released by Octubre Music & Sony/BMG. The song talks about how you serene and calm down as you grow old, learning to enjoy life more.

After a brainstorming process with El Pescao talking about videos that celebrate fun and youth by portraying the band with hot girls having fun in a swimming pool, we decided it was time to subvert that structure. We started by putting it in a 70s old Spanish comedy context, fully represented by the filmography of comedians Andrés Pajares and Fernando Esteso, surrounded by tackiness, flirtation and Spanish paellas.

Once we thought we had the video, we decided to take it a bit further: What if the girls were represented by grannies although keeping the attitude of teenagers? We loved the idea, El Pescao loved it too and we had the best casting session of our lives.

The video went straight to number 1 on TV in Spain, making it the most viewed video of a Spanish artist during the summer.